April 7, 2012 @ 6:25 PM

After the tree is gone, the stump remains. Remains, of course, only if you did not have the tree removal company also take care of the stump removal, too.

Often times, especially during down economies like the one we are currently weathering, homeowners will see clear to spending the money involved in having a bonded and insured tree removal service come to safely take down a dead or otherwise hazardous tree. Yet they will consider saving the money involved in the stump removal cost. Stump removal is only an aesthetic concern, the conventional wisdom goes, and that is not of practical importance. Save the money and keep the stump.

But there are many reasons why stump removal may be just as critical to a homeowner as it was to remove the tree. If, for instance, the removed tree was dead or dying because of disease, the remaining stump continues to be diseased. Removal of that stump can prevent the further spreading of diseased wood to other healthy trees and shrubs. Furthermore, tree stumps can be a magnet to all sorts of infestations. Termites and hornets are common in our neck of the woods here in Southeast Texas, but dead stumps can also attract pests of the four-legged, and no-legged variety (think of rats and snakes).

There are also other practical, if not so critical, reasons why stump removal is important. Generally speaking, land that is speckled with stumps is an eyesore, and can devalue property. Stumps are also a hazard to lawn mowers, and can be a tripping hazard.

Stump removal cost is really rather affordable, considering that costs usually cover the service charge involved in the transportation of the hydraulic stump remover along with the operator’s work rate. This is why it is very useful to hire a stump remover service to come out and take care of several stumps at once: service charge is covered by the first stump, and all the others are generally done at a much reduced rate.

So considering that the use of a hydraulic stump remover/grinder is the only quick and efficient way of removing a stump (other than dynamite, which is not allowed in most neighborhoods), professional stump removal cost is very reasonable, and worth the investment.