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Trees add beauty and grace to any setting. They invite wildlife and add value to property. They provide privacy. But they can also be the main adornments to your landscape. Ornamental Texas native trees bloom and bear fruit, and are some of the most popular and highly recognized varieties. They are typically smaller trees, but some are large enough to be both functional for shade and aesthetically desired for blooms and beauty. With many urban homes these days having limited space that exclude the possibility for larger trees, the smaller Texas flowering trees and fruit trees may not only be more practical for size but also add beauty and delight. Some of the best Texas flowering trees are the Magnolia, Dogwood, Redbud tree, Crepe Myrtle, and the Texas Mountain Laurel. Among the best fruit trees for Southeast Texas are the pecan tree (the State tree of Texas, by the way), fire blight-resistant varieties of pear tree, and fig trees can be trained as either trees or large bushes. Just be aware that fig trees can produce abundant fruit, so the harvesting season in early July can keep you busy.

Texas Flowering Trees – Top Three

The Magnolia – There are many varieties of Magnolia tree, some that grow only 20 feet tall and some that tower up to 90 feet. Of all the Texas flowering trees, this one is the giant. The blooms are large and lush, and they love the acidic soil of Southeast Texas. They bloom in early spring.

The Dogwood – A small deciduous Texas native tree that grows wild all over Southeast Texas, this beautiful specimen among Texas flowering trees thrives best when you completely ignore it, and dies if you show it any care. It produces  an explosion of white or pink blooms in springtime that will take your breath away (color depends on variety of dogwood) . The tree generally grows to 15 to 20 feet high.


The Crape Myrtle – You can’t kill it, even though people regularly butcher theirs every February by hacking it down to a set of nubby trunks. If properly pruned, you can’t beat a Crape Myrtle. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, and there are plenty of examples in and around The Woodlands, Texas of beautiful Crepe Myrtles that grow over 30 feet high. Crepe Myrtles begin to bloom in late spring and last all summer long, they are drought resistant, fast growing… everything a person could want in a Texas ornamental tree.



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