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Tree trimming is a vital part of a tree’s health.  A healthy tree needs proper air and sunlight to grow.  Expert tree trimming will reduce the number of branches that are threatening the tree’s health.  Our certified arborists will give onsite recommendations to the shaping and trimming of your trees.  Regular maintenance will increase the life expectancy of your trees.  Mature healthy trees are an investment that will increase the property value of your home or business.

Tree trimming needs to be a vital part of your tree’s maintenance annually.  Every year you need to survey the trees for dead limbs or disease.  Protect your home, business, landscaping and fences from damage due to the falling of  dead branches.  Neglecting your trees can be costly to you, your neighbors and insurance company.  Heavy winds, flooding and ice are major contributors to tree branches falling or trees being uprooted.

Our crews are trained professionals and trusted tree trimmers who will never use climbing spikes when trimming a live tree.  Spikes can cause unsightly damage to a tree and can make it more susceptible to disease.  Our climbers use ropes and harnesses to climb the trees safely.  Our company and our tree trimmers are insured and bonded, so you can feel protected while we work near your home or business. We serve all of Southeast Texas, including Tomball, The Woodlands, Conroe, Montgomery, and Magnolia.

Tree Pruning Service: Pruning Oak Trees In Texas

Travel down some of the streets of Houston that are covered under the canopy of broad-limbed live oaks that line them, or pass by a home that is adorned with picture perfect pin oaks framing it, or walking among the red oak and water oak beauties in the parks, and you will be among oak trees cared for by arborists. Oaks are naturally beautiful indeed, but the oaks that are most stunning, like the ones you see adorning public places or gracing the landscaping of fine homes, are the oak trees in Texas that are tended with regular pruning. More than that, many oak trees prevalent in southeast Texas, like the pin oak, black oak, and red oak, are particularly prone to a fungus disease notoriously known as Texas oak wilt.

Texas Oak Wilt

Oak wilt fungal spread occurs when the fungus gains access to the vascular system of the tree. When an oak loses a weak branch in a storm, or if a branch is cut, during the non-dorman months, then the open wounds on the tree are points where the disease can readily travel through the tree’s system, and it will ultimately kill the oak. Properly pruning oak trees in the dormant winter season month fosters stronger growth that conditions the oak to better withstand environmental conditions that would mar a weaker tree. So pruning oak trees in Texas prevents the dreaded Texas oak wilt.

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