November 14, 2012 @ 8:59 PM


When it comes to a tree’s life, its beauty can withstand many decades, or be “cut” short too soon due to accidents from poor weather. It’s important to know the signs of when a tree can be salvaged and helped, and if it is truly time to call the tree cutting service.

The tree is definitely a keeper if it is only losing a major limb, but be sure to check for deeper wounds in the months to follow that may show excess damage or decay. If a tree has minor damage where the stronger limbs have survived, the tree can be salvaged.

There are three key instances when it is time to say goodbye to the tree. When a healthy tree loses its leafy head and leaves the trunk broken and exposed, it will never be able to regain its former shape. When a tree is only left with the trunk spare a branch or two, this is an instance where it will never recover its former shape either, and will probably not provide enough foliage for the next growing season.

Finally, a rotten, inner core of a tree could give the tree a “heart attack” and the tree will split into two at the trunk. These wounds are too large to mend and the split trunk means that the lifeline between the roots and leaves is broken forever.

Some trees may have hidden damage that cannot be seen right away, or may have undergone an accident that could be too close to call as far as whether to keep the tree or not. In this instance, tree removal companies, specifically as referenced under Southeast Texas Trees, are the ones to call for guidance. Our tree pruning service may also provide explanation for if the tree can be saved after poor weather conditions. Be sure to give us a call for further help, and remember that tackling a tree issue is dangerous to do on your own. Our specialists are specially trained to meet your arbor needs and keep you safe in terms of possible tree removal!