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Southeast Texas Trees, LLC (SETT) aspires to “go green” in all that we do and we recommend planting trees as often as you can.  Therefore, our company provides tree planting services to our customers.  We recommend tree installation to help preserve our environment or to replace existing trees that are to be removed.  SETT will consult with our customers so that they can choose the right species of trees that are native to our environment.  We consider a tree’s maintenance and growth potential when referring them to our clients.  We want our customers to have peace of mind in their selections so that they can have complete satisfaction of their tree installation for many years to come.


Tree installation is significant to the future of our planet.  Trees perform many functions.  They produce oxygen and absorb harmful chemicals from the air and soil.  They can reduce our utility bills if they provide shade or a windbreak for our homes.  Trees add curb appeal and enhance the value of your home.

Environmentally, we need trees to live.  Trees absorb carbon dioxide which it turns into carbohydrates that are then used in the plant’s structure and function.  The leaves also absorb harmful pollutants in the air such as ozone, sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide which it uses to make oxygen.  Typically, it takes 1 acre of trees to produce 4 tons of oxygen annually which will supply up to 18 people with oxygen during the year. 

Trees absorb pollutants through its roots, also.  A tree’s roots can filter the water and trap pollutants to keep them from entering streams and rivers.  This will aid in the survival of our aquatic wildlife and protect them from harmful substances.  Tree roots also prevent erosion and help increase water infiltration. 

Planting trees around your home can provide you with many economic benefits.  Trees that are properly installed around your home can significantly reduce your heating and cooling bills.  Strategic tree installation can provide your home with a significant wind barrier that will decrease your heating bill and provide protection for your home from the harsh winter elements. 

Properly placed trees provide curb appeal and increase the value of your home or property.  Never plant a tree within fifteen feet (15’) of a house, sidewalk, driveway or other structure.  Small or deciduous trees on the south side of a home will provide shade in the summer while allowing sunlight in during the winter months.  Evergreen trees planted on the north side of the property will provide you with a wind barrier during the cold months. 

Professional Tree Planters Ensures The Tree is Planted Well

Contacting a professional can minimize your costs later.  We remove trees all the time due to improper planting and spacing.  Before you plant your next tree, give us a call for a free quote and recommendation. 

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