November 7, 2012 @ 8:57 PM


Why wait until Earth Day to plant a tree when you could pick and choose the best trees for Montgomery County today? When it comes to looking at the best trees to plant near the Woodlands, Texas, it’s important to decide which type of tree you want to plant first.

If you’re looking for a big shade tree that will one day hold tire swings in the back yard, or provide a natural cover during the blazing hot months in June and July, oak trees are the way to go. Live Oak trees are Texas natives that have evergreen leaves, have a rapid growth rate, and offer seeds or fruit that wildlife can eat. Make sure to allow plenty of room to grow though because Live Oaks can develop surface roots. White Oaks are also native to Texas and work best on well-drained, loamy soils. They have a slower growth rate than Live Oaks and provide lots of shade.

The beautiful medium-sized trees that are great to plant in Texas are Cherry Laurels and Flowering Dogwoods. Cherry Laurels are evergreens that need lots of moisture despite their ability to withstand Texas droughts. Their fragrant flowers are native to Texas and makes for a great vertical screen. Flowering Dogwoods have deciduous leaves and are reliable for fall coloring in autumn and white flowers for the spring. They are sensitive to drought, but worth planting to spruce up any lawn with color for the season changes.

Finally, if you’re looking for a small ornamental tree, go with Eastern Redbuds and American Smoketrees if you’re in Montgomery county. Eastern Redbuds offer seeds for wildlife, pink and purple flowering for the spring, and grows at a rapid rate. An American Smoketree would be the ticket if you’re looking for a tree that doesn’t require a lot of moisture. The Smoketree is also wonderful because you can count on vibrant fall colors and purple and pink flowers for the spring.

If you’re looking to plant some of these trees in the Montgomery County area, be sure to contact a tree specialist through Southeast Texas Trees. Our planting service is here to get the job done to make your lawns as beautiful as every changing season. Let us know how we can provide the best trees for you!