March 28, 2012 @ 5:11 PM

Are Your Trees Ready for the Next Hurricane?

The summer of 2005, with Katrina and Rita, and then the summer of 2008 with Ike, may now be a distant memory. But if we are prompted, most of us along the coastal states can remember the devastation. Countless fleets of linemen trucks from all across the country descending on us in the aftermath of those storms, helping us to restore power to our homes, our local grocery store, our filling stations. Most of our lost power was not due to hurricane winds blowing down our power lines. They were due to winds knocking down trees that in turn knocked down our power lines. Trees and their branches are, in fact, the most prevalent hazardous flying objects that get blown around at hurricane time.

A Tree Trimming Service
Will Prepare Your Trees for a Hurricane

Since none of us know when the next bad hurricane will come to strike, it is important that homeowners of the coastal regions keep their landscape and trees hurricane-ready. Homeowners should regularly evaluate their trees and have them trimmed by a professional tree trimming service. The process of trimming involves cutting out the dead, diseased, and damaged wood. Trees that are dead or dying must be completely removed.

A Professional Tree Cutting Service
Will Protect The Tree From Disease

Winter is the optimal season for trimming trees. In winter trees are not actively growing and they generally do not need protection from the sun exposure caused by the sudden removal of branches. If, however, you find that your trees need to be trimmed in preparation of the hurricane season but it is no longer winter, you should not let this fact impede you from taking care of your tree-trimming responsibilities. Simply get the assistance of a professional tree cutting service, as they can make sure that all cuts are done in such a way to reduce the potential of introducing damage or disease to the tree. Bottom line, it is better to have your tree trimmed of potential hazards in the spring than to have that dangerous branch end up in your living room due to a hurricane in summer.

Once your trees are properly pruned by the tree pruning service, your trees will not offer as much resistance to high force winds, and subsequently they will be less likely to break or topple over. If you are diligent to keep your trees trimmed, then the only immediate measure you will have to take, if a hurricane threatens, is to stockpile water and make sure the generator is in good working condition.

Trust Southeast Texas Trees, LLC
as Your Tree Pruning Service

Remember to always hire a tree pruning service that is bonded, maintains personal liability insurance, workers compensation, and is affiliated with organizations and services that manage accountability systems for arbor care and customer service. Southeast Texas Trees, LLC is an award-winning member of both the BBB and Angie's List, and is a member in good standing of several arborist organizations.