February 21, 2012 @ 7:20 PM

When it comes to new construction sites here in Houston and Southeast Texas, often the objective is to execute brush clearing while keeping several trees on the property, so that the new home or building can benefit from the shade and adornment of our beautiful mature oak trees, pines, ash trees, and magnolias indigenous to this area. It is likewise important to plan the site so that trees are not only saved but are kept in a state for their ongoing growth and that protects existing root structure. Good Texas land clearing companies that have arborists on staff, like Southeast Texas Trees LLC, are able to work with construction companies to coordinate this effort, for to preserve trees means they must be protected both above ground and below.

Protect the roots during brush clearing and construction.

To protect the roots, it is important that the girth of root spread be cordoned off. Setting the boundary around the tree to be protected will ensure that the roots do not get severed during the work of the brush clearing services and any construction digging that is to follow. When piping necessary to construction must run a path occupied by a tree or its roots land clearing companies can help construction workers navigate around critical roots with tunneling techniques where the pipe can be run underneath the main root structure. Be aware: It is up to the property owner or the developer to specify to consider this option. If left to their own devices, most contractors will not take into account the tree and cut right through root structures to lay any piping necessary for the home addition, swimming pool, or any other construction project. Be sure to address this matter with them if you want to save your existing trees. This is another reason why it is wise to have on hand a land clearing company who has the ability to look out for the best interest of the trees and your future landscape.

Other considerations:

  1. When it is necessary to change grade, be sure to raise the grade level outside of the root system. Piling up soil on top of a tree’s root system will cause stress to the tree, and can certainly cause death because it impedes its vascular system.
  2. Also important: be mindful that construction workers take care of the materials they place near the tree. If a palate of concrete is kept under a tree, and that concrete spills, the alkaline properties  of concrete can harm the soil’s pH. Paintbrushes and tools should never be cleaned anywhere near tree roots for the same reason. Land clearing companies who have certified arborists on staff can certainly assist with best practices to protect trees from construction materials.
  3. Protecting the limbs during construction is also important. Breaks and scrapes are the two most common problems for trees during construction. Again, good brush clearing services should place barriers around the trees so equipment is kept away from the branches and trunks.