January 7, 2012 @ 11:28 PM

Green debris cleanup and brush clearing services is the removal of unwanted undergrowth, cleanup of fallen trees after a hurricane or tornado, or the clearing of property that has been left unattended for a number of years and is in need of being reclaimed. While we tend to think of green debris as being completely natural and that it will very effectively break down in the organic process of time, the fact is that green debris can be very unsightly, and  indeed harmful to its surroundings.

 Whenever a hurricane blows through or a tornado touches down trees hit the ground. This is no problem if the tree is in the middle of a state forest. Nature certainly takes care of things with repurcussions that are acceptable out in the wild. If however the fallen tree is lying down in the lot right next to your home then suddenly you have a situation where the consequences might be felt by you in an unpleasant way. Wood that is left to rot is highly susceptible to termite infestation. Termites occupying a rotting log may decide to relocate to the wood holding up your house. Since termite infestation starts on the inside and then works its way out the damage is done before the termites ever become noticeable. So if rotting wood is kept in close proximity to your home then you may already have an infected home before you ever notice it. Therefore avoid having Nature come to break down your house keep your property clear of rotting wood and use a green debris cleanup and brush clearing service when necessary.

Brush clearing is also an important matter that deserves attention for several other practical reasons. Brush clearing is essential on land that is intended for sale. Undeveloped property that has been cleared of underbrush has a more polished presentation and looks park-like. Consequently cleaned and cleared land tends to increase in property value too.

Brush clearing can include brush mulching. Basically, this means removing the underbrush and then chipping it and mulching the land.  Not only does this enrich the soil, but opting for on-site brush mulching can greatly reduce the land clearing cost.

If you are in need of hiring an outfit for brush clearing services, feel free to collect two or three land clearing cost quotes. Whichever service you finally choose, be assured that the land clearing cost will pay for itself in the long run.