December 7, 2011 @ 2:55 PM

Tree trimming is a vital part of a tree’s health.  Why is this so? Because a healthy tree needs proper air and sunlight to grow, not to mention that untended branches can grow in directions that are less than ideal in the long run, resulting in branches that are weak and fail to thrive.  Heavy winds, flooding and ice are more likely to cause un-trimmed trees to fall or be uprooted. Proper tree trimming also adds to the overall beauty of the tree, keeping it looking majestic and strong as it continues to grow and mature. But trimming a tree is not as easy at trimming a hedge, and knowing which branches to cut, and how to cut them safely, is a task that often involves help of the professional kind.

Trim A Tree Do-It-Yourself

Smaller trees, like redbuds, dogwoods, and other ornamentals, may be a task you are willing to take on yourself. If so, then the first thing to do is to discover the best pruning practices for the exact type of tree you intend to trim. For instance, knowing the time of year to trim a tree, such as knowing that redbuds should be trimmed immediately after they have dropped their spring blooms, is important to ensure that the tree will bloom again the following spring. Look for a local tree pruning guide,  like a local arborist. An arborist can share with you all sorts of information on how to shape the variety of tree you intend to trim, which branches to keep and which to lop off, and a whole host of ornamental trees indigenous to the area and that thrive in the local climate. If there is a condition or disease that concerns you and is a reason for the pruning, a local tree pruning arborist guide will be able to give you information on how to address this as well. For DIY tree trimming, the cost involed is limited to proper pruning equipment. Just bne sure to get advice from a good source.

Involving a Professional Arborist To Trim A Tree

Tree trimming cost quotes can range greatly depending on the height and breadth of the tree, whether there are environmental factors to consider (like nearby power lines), and exactly how much of the tree needs to be trimmed, and whether the trimming is to address existing disease. Look for a certified arborist to do tree trimming on large trees. This will ensure that the tree is properly trimmed and not damaged instead. Tree trimming acumen is possessed by those specifically trained in the discipline Southeast Texas Trees possess certified arborists to address tree trimming jobs.

Expert tree trimming will reduce the number of branches that are threatening the tree’s health.  A worthy certified arborists will give an onsite recommendation to the shaping and trimming of your trees.  Regular maintenance will increase the life expectancy of your trees. 

Why Southeast Texas Trees LLC is the Preferred Tree Trimming Service

Mature healthy trees are an investment that will increase the property value of your home or business. Tree trimming needs to be a vital part of your tree’s maintenance annually.  Every year survey the trees for dead limbs or disease. 

Our crews are trained professionals and trusted tree trimmers who will never use climbing spikes when trimming a live tree.  Spikes can cause unsightly damage to a tree and can make it more susceptible to disease.  Our climbers use ropes and harnesses to climb the trees safely.  Our company and our tree trimmers are insured and bonded, so you can feel protected while we work near your home or business.