December 14, 2011 @ 3:52 PM

Land Clearing can prepare a lot for new construction and will increase the value of the property.  There are many options when clearing a lot of brush.  Whether you are clearing a marked area for a home or for a pool to be installed, or clearing easements and/or lot lines, land clearing is essential for all sorts of property and construction needs. If you need to get rid of a large amount of underbrush to make way for a new home or a business, you may want to know what is involved in professional land clearing cost, or the investment involved in renting land clearing equipment. 

Land Clearing Equipment

Tractors fitted with cutter heads, and additional mulching attachments, are necessary land clearing equipment components.  The cutters and mulchers are serious pieces of equipment, so be sure to have an operator who can handle the equipment safely if you plan on renting the equipment on your own. These cutters can grind hardwood to wood chips in the blink of an eye, so imagine what it can do to hands and feet. The cost of renting such equipment may vary between heavy equipment rental agencies, so be sure to shop around.

Professional Land Clearing Cost

Customers who prefer to have a professional tree company clear a site will either want to remove all debris and brush, or they will prefer to accomplish brush clearing by grinding the debris on site and leaving the chips.  Grinding the trees onsite is very economical.  The mulch will nourish the soil and it will give the land more sight appeal than bare earth.

Clearing Undeveloped Land for Sale

Brush clearing your land can be very beneficial when trying to sell it.  A potential buyer will not have to fight through the underbrush to survey the property.  Anyone driving by on the road would be able to see the width and depth of the property.  By hiring a professional to clear your land, you will not have unsightly burn piles or rotting debris piles.